Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Demi Moore's Leech Therapy..

Actress Demi Moore appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman on March 24, 2008 and revealed that the secret to her good health and beauty was leech therapy. According to Moore the treatment is uncomfortable but worth it.

She said "it detoxifies your blood and they have a little enzyme that when they're biting down on you gets released into your blood." Moore warned that "Leeches don't like hair. So if you're hairy be prepared to do a little shaving or waxing. They much prefer Brazilian." Leeches are worm-like marine creatures that have a suction mechanism.

In the 1800s leech therapy was a common medical treatment and were found to assist in reattaching severed body parts and skin grafting. They are less frequently used today although according to the FDA, help restore blood circulation.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gambar-Gambar Bekam Lintah di Luar Negara

Di sini kami mahu berkongsi bersama menunjukkan bahawa bekam lintah atau leech therapy ini bagus untuk kesihatan kita..sebagi contoh web http://www.dukinnaturel.com/eng/aboutleech.php.. ada company yg sudah lama menggunakan lintah ini dlm perubatan mereka hampir berabad lamanya.. kalau ada kesempatan lagi kami akan postkan insyallah

Kami juga ingin berkongsi keistimewaan bekam lintah dan membuka mata rakyat malaysia khasiat bekam lintah ini..insyaalah tiada penyakit yg tidak boleh diubati mesti ada penyelesaianya..hanya pada diri kita mahu atau tidak..atau pun perasaan geli itu membuatkan penyakit anda akan semakin teruk..pikir2kanlah...

Leech therapy makes a revival in Kashmir

Srinagar, April 24 : Doctors at various hospitals in Kashmir have adapted traditional leech therapy for patients suffering from various ailments like surgical reattachments of fingers, toes, ears for its ability to prevent venous congestion.
Leech therapy is considered quite effective, as when blood-sucking leeches bite a person, their saliva that contains several bioactive substances, causes blood flow to increase to the damaged tissue and prevents clotting.
Once bitten, a person can bleed for hours, allowing oxygenated blood to enter the wound area until veins re-grow and regain circulation.
Hospitals in Kashmir are using the leech therapy on patients suffering from arthritis, gout, chronic vertigo and sinusitis.

"Sinusitis results in mucous collection that leads to various ailments like headache, cough and cold. In order to get rid of it, surgical methods are adopted to drain the exodus. But leech therapy is easier than draining because leeches have certain enzymes that help to liquify and dissolve the substances and also have anti-biotic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory substances that relieve the person from sinusitis," said Dr Nasir Hakeem, program incharge of leech therapy.

The hospitals using leeches for treatment follow the traditional Unani system of medicine.
The application of medicinal leech 'Hirudo medicinalis' for clearing poison from body has been practiced for long. In fact they have been used in medicine for thousands of years and is believed to have been in fashion in Egypt around 2,500 years ago.
Leech therapy was commonly used in traditional medicine for treating localized pain.
According to medical experts, more than 100 bioactive substances are present in the saliva of a leech that goes into the body of a patient while impure blood is extracted.
Earlier, people used to practice the traditional method on roadside or near shrines. And, traditional leech workers used leaches on multiple patients, thus, increasing the risk of transferable diseases.

But to avoid transmittable diseases, hospitals have adopted the single usage of a leech during the treatment. After a leech is used on any human, it is then killed as a part of the measures to prevent it from passing the infection from one patient to another.
A growing number of patients are showing interest, as they find the treatment in hospitals effective, hygienic and clean.

"I had a lot of pimples on my face but they have reduced now after I started undergoing leech therapy. It's very safe here in the hospitals. It is a kind of therapy where leeches purify the blood and we don't need any medicines for the treatment," said Faizaan Bhat, one patient.
"The leeches are found more during winters. It is a traditional form of therapy. Earlier people used to go to places like Hazrat Bal where they used to collect leaches in a pot. But here in the hospitals, everything is more hygienic," said Ajaz Ahmed, patient.
The medicinal leeches are brown, red striped and olive coloured. The creatures have two suckers, one at each end and have three jaws.
Leech species are carnivorous and the ones, which are predatory, feed on invertebrates like worms and snails. But a few of them are blood sucking and feed on vertebrates like reptiles and mammals.

Patients who have not been cured through conventional medicine are the ones who mostly come forward for the therapy.
It costs rupees 50 per leech used for treatment apart from other charges at the hospitals in Kashmir. (ANI)...

Terima Kasih Pada Azura dan Im..

Selepas berpanas di car boot sale shah alam kami di datangi ke rumah pada sebelah malam pula..saudari azura dan saudara im..mereka juga akan mendirikan rumah tangga tidak lama lagi ingin mencuba bekam lintah ini sebelum menjelang hari berbahagia mereka tidak lama lagi..

Bekam Lintah Di Car Boot Sale Shah Alam

Pada Ahad lepas kami di Car Boot Sale Shah Alam, kami sampai di sana tepat jam 8 pagi..ramai juga di sana..buat permulaan bagi menerangkan keistemewaan bekam lintah nie..ramai juga yg berminat..kami rasa gembira kerana pengunjung memberi feed back yg memerangsangkan..Di sini dapatlah kami berkongsi pengalaman semasa disana..Kami hanya di sana sampai pukul 1 petang..jika mahu penerangan boleh hubungi kami...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Permintaan Bekam Lintah Semakin Hangat di Malaysia..

Bekam lintah pada waktu sekarang semakin meluas..org ramai telah membuka mata bekam lintah ini bagus untuk banyak penyakit..diluar negara telah lama menggunakan bekam lintah ini untuk menjaga kesihatan..

Org ramai perlu faham untuk menyembuhkan sesuatu penyakit tue menggunakan bekam lintah ini bukan hanya sekali untuk menyembuhkan sesuatu penyakit tersebut,perlu dibuat berulang bagi memastikan penyakit tersebut pulih sepenuhnya..

Monday, May 4, 2009

U.S. Approves Leeches For Therapy

Blood-sucking leeches - used for thousands of years in medicine - now have the U.S. government’s approval as a tool for healing skin grafts or restoring circulation, regulators said on Monday.

The Food and Drug Administration approved an application from French firm Ricarimpex SAS to market leeches for medicinal purposes. The company has been breeding leeches for 150 years, the FDA said.

Doctors have used the small aquatic worms for several thousand years in the belief that bloodletting helps to cure a wide range of complaints from headaches to gout. They reached their height of medicinal use in the mid-1800s.

Today, doctors around the world use leeches to remove blood pooled under skin grafts for burn patients, or to restore circulation in blocked veins by removing pooled blood, the FDA said in a statement.

Leeches are particularly useful in surgeries to reattach body parts such as fingers or ears, Ricarimpex said on its Web site. The leeches can help restore blood flow to reconnected veins.

The FDA said it considered the leeches a medical device. The agency approved their sale after reviewing medical literature and safety data provided by Ricarimpex.

The FDA also examined information about how the leeches are fed, their environment, and the employees who handle them.